About William Gregory Ball

William Gregory Ball has been in financial services for 12 years. His passions are faith, family, and serving others to find the best returns in their “lifefund” or long term investments. Having 5 grandchildren is a reward for making the proper investments into those you love most and seeing them mature over time.  Likewise, alternative investments, have been a solid choice for safety & significant growth for many investors over the years. In an uncertain climate, alternative assets can help create confidence in your long term strategic plan.


With a new election, massive unsustainable debt, lowest  GDP levels in decades, there has never been a more unpredictable time in our financial markets.  Therefore the time is right for investors to consider “alternative” investments, especially those with a proven track record. Investing is first about establishing trust in relationships, not creating simply a transaction. Besides your immediate family, there has never been a greater time to build quality relationships than with those you can trust with your resources. At Crimson Life Funds, we are all about helping you plant strategically, what will take root and grow. Give us a call today and let us walk you through what you may not have considered was possible …. safe and successful investing.

For more information, contact us at:  greg@crimsonlifefunds.com or 512-801-1627.